CPAD Tokenomics

Tokenomics CPad Token is a token built on CORE Network, which rewards its holders with automatic passive interest payments every 15 minutes until the maximum supply of 2.1 Billion tokens has been reached. Inspired by Safuu Protocol, CPad Tokenomics are also completely unique with our Auto-Burn, Automatic Liquidity injection, with the initial supply of 21,000,000 tokens. ​
Initial Supply - 21,000,000
Private sales: 4,000,000
Presale: 8,000,000
Liquidity: 7,000,000
Team: 1,000,000
Airdrop: 1,000,000
Max Supply – 2,100,000,000
CorePAD Token Transaction fee is set to 21% at launch.
After the 12th which would stop at 512% APY, APY will remain fixed at 512% and can be reconsidered by the community.
CorePAD Staking Protocol 2,100,000% APY Halving every month Halving stops at the 12th month.